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Women and Science

Austria’s equality policy in science and research consists of a policy mix of strategies, instruments and measures to translate national equality legislation into effective action to address gender imbalances in higher education and research institutions. Therefore, Austria has put various measures in place to promote women and to increase the rate of women in science, research and industry. As guidance for female scientists, we have collected weblinks to gender issues in science, to research funding and to national projects supporting women in research.

  • Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
    The Career Development Programme for female researchers offers highly qualified female scientists who are working towards a career in universities the chance of a two-stage funding for a total of six years. The programme is divided into:
    Hertha-Firnberg Programme for post-docs; support for women at the start of their scientific careers
    Elise-Richter-Programme for senior post-docs; which aims at providing female scientists with the necessary qualifications to apply for professorial positions within Austria or abroad.
  • fFORTE Initiative (only in German) - Women in Research and Technology (a joint initiative of 4 ministries and the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development)
  • w-fFORTE - economic incentives for women in research and innovation. The programme is embedded in the fFORTE initiative and aims at competent women in business and innovation. It serves as a link between economy and women in Science and Technology.
  • w-fFORTE: Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise Outstanding women research at the cutting edge of science and industry. All centres are managed by a highly qualified female researcher.
  • FEMtech - Women in Research and Technology is a fFORTE initiative of the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) to promote equal opportunities in research and technology. Women should be specifically supported and the framework conditions in industrial and extra-faculty research should be changed in such a way as to equally correspond to the needs of both women and men.

    The FEMtech - Female Expert Database supports the visibility of women in research and technology.

    A FEMtech Female Expert of the Month is selected from amongst the experts registered in the database by an independent selection panel comprising representatives from science and industry, personnel consultants and the media.

    Regular FEMtech's Networking Meetings allow participants to get acquainted with each other and exchange relevant information on the topic "Women in research and technology".

    FEMtech Knowledge delivers relevant data and information, presents studies and publications as well as thematic summaries on national and international research in the subject area.

    In order to facilitate the access to jobs and the realizations of personal career goals of female researchers and technicians, FEMtech supports industrial and extra-faculty research companies whenever they implement gender-specific activities. Financial resources and consulting are provided along four programme lines:

    FEMtech career check for SME supports research- and technology-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises in natural sciences and technology when dealing with equality.

    Within FEMtech Career gender awareness should raise in R&D companies. Activities for equal opportunities: gender training, government action plans for women and work, mentoring, executive training for women, company kindergartens with scientific and technical focus - are promoted.

    Within FEMtech Working Experience for female students female students should be interested in starting a career in industrial and extra-faculty research.

    Approaching research activities and products under increased consideration of gender aspects diversifies the range of offers and provides additional market potential. Thus, FEM tech's Research Projects support the integration of the gender dimension in research and development projects.
  • Fempower is an initiative of the the Vienna Business Agency for the better integration and involvement of women in research projects.