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Researchers with the nationality of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland do not need a visa and they enjoy freedom of domicile (Niederlassungsfreiheit). For entry into Austria and residence they only need a valid travel document (passport or identity card). If the researcher stays in Austria for longer than three months he has to register with the competent immigration authority (Landeshauptmann; Magistrat, Bezirkshauptmannschaft) within the first three months of his stay. He will receive a confirmation of registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) which costs EUR 15 (additional fees may occur).


Researchers with the nationality of other countries ("third countries") need

a residence visa D (Aufenthaltsvisum D) which has to be applied at the competent Austrian representation (embassies and career consulates) before leaving for Austria. This visa cannot be renewed in Austria. After entry with a visa you cannot apply for a residence permit except you would have been allowed to enter Austria without a visa (in this case the application must be submitted within the first three months of your stay) or if you apply for a residence permit "researcher" with a hosting agreement.


Information for a stay up to a maximum of six months (Federal Ministry of Interior): www.bmi.gv.at/einreise (in German only)



First-time residence permits have to be applied for at the competent Austrian representation before leaving for Austria. In these cases the decision has to be awaited in one's home country (2-3 months). Alternatively researchers who are allowed to enter Austria without a visa or who have concluded a hosting agreement with the Austrian research institution may apply for the residence permit at the competent Austrian authority (Landeshauptmann; Magistrat, Bezirkshauptmannschaft) after arriving in Austria.

A fee of EUR 120 is payable for the residence permit (additional fees may occur).

Every national has to register with the "Registration office" (Meldeamt) in his place of residence within three working days of entry into Austria.


Family members

Family members (spouse, registered partnership, children up to the age of 21, or in case that their parents actually pay for their subsistence, also beyond the age of 21) have each to apply for residence permit "Family", (Aufenthaltsbewilligung "Familiengemeinschaft") for entry to Austria.

Since October 1st, 2017 some legal provisions that are relevant for researchers have been revisedhere you will find a short overview of the most important points.

For personal assistance please contact the EURAXESS Services Centre: recht@oead.at



Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education & Research (OeAD): Entry and Residence Regulations (with downloads of all application forms and addresses of the competent Austrian authorities)

Austrian Government Help-Service for Foreign Citizens (general information)

For basic information targeting researchers please check: Guide to Residence and Employment of International Researchers (the Guide is currently being revised)


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