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Pension for researchers


In Austria women currently reach pensionable age at 60 years and men at 65 years. As of 2024 the retirement age for women will be raised stepwise from 60 to 65 years.


The following applies to EU/EEA (European Economic Area) nationals and Swiss nationals:

You are entitled to pension benefits if you have been employed or self-employed for more than one year and have paid pension insurance contributions. Insurance periods below one year will be added to the pension insurance periods obtained in your home country.


For third country nationals:

There are bilateral agreements with the following countries: Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, India, Israel, Canada (and Quebec), Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and the USA. The individual agreements vary in content but care for the portability of your pension rights.


Details at:

For personal assistance please contact the EURAXESS Centres:


Coming up: RESAVER – a single European pension arrangement

In order to ameliorate the problem of preserving the supplementary pension benefits of researchers who move between different countries the European Commission supports a consortium of employers in creating a single European pension arrangement (RESAVER). RESAVER aims to enable mobile and non-mobile employees to remain affiliated to the same pension vehicle when moving between different countries and changing jobs. We suggest asking whether your employer/organisation is part of the RESAVER consortium or planning to join RESAVER in the future.


Brochure: resaver-_retirement_savings_vehicle_for_european_research_institutions_0.pdf (pdf)