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Medical and health care


In Austria, health care is based on a social insurance model that guarantees all inhabitants equitable access to high quality health services – irrespective of their age, sex, origin, social status or income.

The Austrian health care system is based on compulsory social insurance. Access to services is regulated by law, the most important legislative basis being the General Social Insurance Act (ASVG). All insured people have a legal right to a large number of benefits.

Patients can choose their family physician and have free access to most other forms of medical care.

The brochure "The Austrian Health Care System" provides an overview of the elements of the Austrian health care system (brochure in German).

The public health portal (in German only) offers reliable and independent health care information as well as many other services, such as a search function for physicians and hospitals.


Mental health:

Psychological Counseling Centers (Psychologische Studierendenberatung)

The Psychological Counseling Centers assist students in their personal development and provide guidance for academic and personal challenges.



Whether it’s about life-crises, relationship problems or conflicts in your work, at Instahelp you get clinical-psychological counselling that covers areas including: problem analysis, working out approaches for overcoming problems, looking after and maintaining your health, avoiding recurrence of psychological disorders (relapse prevention, rehabilitation), strengthening personal initiative and help with self-help.


Further information:

Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions

This website contains multilingual information on Social Security in Austria.


Pharmacies (in German only)

Hospitals (in German only)

Austrian health authorities (in German only)


Health services in Vienna (City of Vienna web service)