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Research Policies at the National Level


OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Austria 2018
The Report aims at supporting Austria in designing its next RTI Strategy 2020+ so as to further increase the quality and the impact of science, research, technological development and innovation. Providing a valuable outside view, the results and recommendations of the report will feed into the preparation of the new RTI Strategy 2020+.


Austrian National Action Plan for Researchers (118.55 KB) (pdf)
The National Action Plan for Researchers is Austria's response to the Communication issued by the European Commission (EC) entitled "Better Careers and More Mobility: A European Partnership for Researchers" as well as the related conclusion by the European Council.


Austrian Research and Technology Report 2018
Austrian Research and Technology Report 2019
The Austrian Research and Technology Report is an annual compilation of current statistics, findings and assessments on research, technology and innovation policy in Austria, providing an overview of Austria’s position in this policy field.


Research Strategy 2020
released by the Council for Research and Technology Development; in German only (Forschungsstrategie 2020 des Rates für Forschung und Technologieentwicklung)


The Researchers' Report 2014 | Country Profile Austria (pdf)
The Researchers' Report 2014 prepared by Deloitte for the European Commission is a comprehensive report on the research profession in Europe. The report focuses on indicators, which relate to the Innovation Union Commitments Nos 1, 4 and 30.

These cover research training & employment conditions, removal of obstacles to mobility and cross-border cooperation, and ensuring that leading academics, researchers and innovators reside and work in Europe and attracting a sufficient number of highly skilled third country nationals to stay in Europe. Additional documents and annexes can be downloaded here.


Platform Research & Technology Policy Evaluation (fteval)
The mission of the Austrian Platform for Research & Technology Policy Evaluation is to encourage more, better and more transparent evaluations for an optimal strategic planning of RTD-policy in Austria and to develop a culture of evaluation together with decision-makers in the field of Austrian technology and research policy.


Austrian ERA Portal:
The Austrian online platform for the European Research Area (ERA) is a promotion initiative aiming at providing comprehensive information on the implementation of the ERA.


ERA Observatory Austria
The ERA Observatory Austria establishes a new roof for the integrated governance of Austria’s role in European RTI policy. It supports evidence-based decision making and enables Austria to play an active role in Europe. The ERA Observatory consists of an interministerial steering committee, the “ERA Policy Forum Austria”, as well as an expert advisory body, the “ERA Council Forum Austria”. The two bodies will exchange views and findings on a regular basis.


Austrian Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation
The Austrian Federal Government launched its Strategy for Research, Technology and Innovation for the next decade on 8 March 2011. Here you can find the brochure "Austrian RTI Strategy" as pdf.