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How and where can you study in Austria?

In Austria there is a wide variety of institutions of tertiary education. In addition to public universities, the Austrian tertiary sector includes universities of applied sciences (UAS, Fachhochschulen, since 1993), private universities (since 1999) and university colleges of teacher education.

The common language of instruction is German, but an increasing number of programmes is offered in English.


Further information

    Website with general information on studying in Austria.
  • Study in Austria (pdf)
    A brief information flyer on studying in Austria (in English).
  • Study Guide (pdf)
    Information brochure for international students who are interested in studying in Austria (in English).
  • Study in Austria. Find your programme.
    In the study programmes database you will find an overview of what Austrian higher education institutions offer.The main language of instruction at Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences is German. A considerable number of programmes are taught in English, which can be selected in the study programmes database (please set the filter criteria 'Language: English').
  • Higher Education Institutions in Austria (pdf)
    Overview of the study options as well as important addresses of all Austrian universities, universities of applied sciences, university colleges of teacher education and private universities (in English).
  • Higher Education in Austria
    This website offers an overview of the system of higher education in Austria.
  • Studiversum (in German only)
    The new portal facilitates access for (prospective) students to financial support, study and doctorate options, information about closing dates for applications and mobility programmes. All Austrian higher education institutions are represented on the website, you can find tips for jobs and accommodation and for studying outside Austria and links to the online offers of the OeAD.


Stipends and Social Security

If you are not employed or self-employed due to the nature of your stipend, social security issues will have to be dealt with on a case by case basis, depending on the type of stipend and respective personal circumstances. In most cases, if there is no employment or the status of self-employee, general self-insurance or the "Studierendenselbstversicherung" (provided certain conditions are met) can be taken out.

In order to apply for co-insurance with your family/partner, an application form needs to be filled, which can be downloaded at (in German only)

Third country nationals coming from a country without a cross-national agreement on social security in most cases will have to insure themselves with the Social Insurance Institution for Trade and Industry (SVA).

If you are not insured anywhere, there are different options, from self-insurance via the main social insurance carriers in Austria to contracts with private insurance companies. For personal assistance please contact the EURAXESS Centre: