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Researcher's Guide to Austria

Researcher's Guide to Austria

This guide supports you and your family to get a good start in Austria. It provides information about Austria in general but also covers topics such as the legal basis of entry and residence regulations, taxation and social security. It is available for download (.pdf and in English only).

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Euraxess Guide

Taxation Guide © OeAD | Unger

Guide for Taxation of Income of Researchers in Austria

This guide provides basic information on taxation of income of researchers.




EURAXESS Austria folder

Brief information about EURAXESS Austria

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EURAXESS Report on Dual Career and Integration Services

An analysis of Dual Career and Integration Services

This report was created in the framework of the EURAXESS TOP III project (2015-2018), funded by the EC under the Horizon 2020 programme under the task lead of the University of Copenhagen (UCPH).

The information gathered in the report has been submitted by a Dual Career and Integration Services Expert Group, encompassing of representatives from European institutions and universities from six countries; Austria, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland.

The goal of this report is to analyse and map the landscape of DCIS in the six countries as well as exchange knowledge of best practice examples in order to develop and improve the services based on the needs of each institution.

The final outcome of the report presents the expert group’s findings, as well as recommendations bearing in mind the national and local context.

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Guide on mobilising the local resources



Guide on mobilising local resources to remove mobility obstacles

In this Guide you will find a list with suggestions for potential local cooperation partners and a selection of efficient local collaborations. It also contains recommendations for creating innovative support services within the respective local context. EURAXESS network members can use this guide to create their own new and innovative approaches in order to support the integration of international and visiting researchers in their new working and living environment.



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OeAD Infos zum Fremdenrecht


This OeAD Newsletter "Infos zum Fremdenrecht" offers information about the law relating to foreigners (in German only).