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Recognition of qualifications

ENIC NARIC Austria (National Academic Recognition Information Centre) is the official contact point for all kinds of questions concerning transnationalrecognition in the field of higher education.

What is academic recognition?

Academic recognition takes place when studies completed or examinations passed in one country give credits for studies in another country. This recognition can take place in different stages of study. The field of academic recognition is therefore splitted into three main areas:

  • entry into studies: admission
  • progress of studies: recognition of examinations
  • completion of studies: recognition of diplomas (including nostrification)

Certain rights are linked to the recognition of diplomas, e.g. the right to use an academic degree, and to be admitted to further studies, or to certain professions and activities.

What is professional recognition?

Professional recognition means that employees who are entitled to exercise a given profession on the basis of the education in their country of origin may be admitted to the relevant profession in another country. The professional recognition of diplomas is of special importance within the European Economic Area (EEA) and is regulated by the EU directive on professional recognition.

In this area the NARIC acts as an important point of intersection between higher education and professional activity.