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Training, Coaching & Mentoring


Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft / LBG Career Center

The LBG Career Center is the first point of contact for all questions concerning career development in and outside of academia pre- and post-docs as well as institute directors may have (the latter as the former’s supervisors). It is the responsibility of the LBG Career Center to provide confidential advice and accompany its young researchers in the selection and implementation of individual services and to develop concepts as well as organize institutional services. It also implements quality assurance measures and networks with the relevant community in science, business & Co.

Activities of the LBG Career Center comprise services that are either available on the individual level (e.g. Potential Analysis, Coaching, Career Consulting, Start-Up Advice) or on the institutional level (e.g. Career Workshops, Expert Talks, Skills Trainings, Internships), aiming at fostering both, the further development of the individual and of the LBG organization overall (see Services Overview and Services Description).


w-fFORTE - Economic stimuli from women in research and technology

w-fFORTE promotes women in scientific research and technology and encourages discussions with the goal of achieving greater equal opportunity in research and career development It offers free, high-quality training and discussions tailored to the career needs of researchers, networking, peer-to-peer learning and information based on the latest studies for managers in cooperative research. Events are held in German.

Austrian Career Service Centres

The Austrian Career Service Centeres offer transferable skills training and activities to broaden your career perspective.


Career_Mentoring III for Women Scientists

In 2017, the universities in Krems, Linz, and Salzburg began a new and jointly revised career development program for women scientists and academics based on the Mentoring III and karriere_links programs.

Participating mentees receive assistance and support to strengthen their career development plans by attending mentoring sessions and individual coaching sessions as well as seminars designed for doctoral and post-doctoral candidates. A joint program offers space to exchange ideas in various subject areas, career stages, and strengthens interuniversity networks.

The program aims increase the proportion of women in leading academic/scientific positions. The career development program has been designed to offer participating women scientists and academics opportunities to help advance their academic careers.


FWF Austrian Science Fund Coaching Workshops

Since 2006, the FWF has offered coaching workshops for researchers who already have concrete ideas for grant proposals and wish to submit an application for FWF funding in the near future (within approximately one year), and who are very likely to fulfil the requirements for a grant within a one-year time horizon.

From 2015 onward, potential applicants are required to possess sufficient general knowledge about the FWF (e.g. by attending an FWF information event) in order to take part in an FWF coaching workshop. These workshops are open to researchers from all disciplines.


The European Medicines Research Training Network (EMTRAIN) establishes a sustainable, pan-European platform for education and training (E&T) covering the whole life-cycle of medicines research, from basic science through clinical development to pharmacovigilance.


Talent Development Suite (TDS)

The Talent Development Suite (TDS) aims to assis postdocs from one through three years after completing their PhD. Unlike other existing career support tools, the TDS does not evaluate researchers`skills and abilities but focuses on a researcher`s vision. The results from the interviews showed that this was what they needed most. The TDS is an open access online tool.