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Austrian Career Service Centres

do offer transferable skills training and activities to broaden your career perspective.


FWF Austrian Science Fund Coaching Workshops

Since 2006, the FWF has offered coaching workshops for researchers who already have concrete ideas for grant proposals and wish to submit an application for FWF funding in the near future (within approximately one year), and who are very likely to fulfil the requirements for a grant within a one-year time horizon.

From 2015 onward, potential applicants are required to possess sufficient general knowledge about the FWF (e.g. by attending an FWF information event) in order to take part in an FWF coaching workshop. These workshops are open to researchers from all disciplines.


The European Medicines Research Training Network (EMTRAIN) establishes a sustainable, pan-European platform for education and training (E&T) covering the whole life-cycle of medicines research, from basic science through clinical development to pharmacovigilance.