Career Growth Drawn on Brick Wall

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Selected EURAXESS Career Orientation and Development Tools


In addition to job offers for academics, EURAXESS offers numerous digital tools for professional orientation or career development. In addition to an academic career, this naturally also includes career opportunities in the non-academic (industry/business) world and even self-employment.



No limits: explore your career as researcher

The 'No limits' toolkit for researchers highlights resources to help you

  • identify what's important for you in your career
  • plan to build on your skills and knowledge
  • consider a wide range of career options
  • make a plan to reach your professional development goals

The toolkit includes advice, quizzes to help you explore your own needs and links to resources, information and opportunities.




Discover: careers beyond academia

Find out more about possibilities for careers in other sectors/outside of the academic world. Find out about where researchers are working, what competencies are valued and how they feel about their roles.

  • What kind of jobs are available to researchers outside of academia?
  • How do researchers feel about working outside of academia?
  • What competencies are important to employers?
  • Why consider careers beyond academia?




Your future: a personal idea of your professional and private life

The Talent Development Suite is a tool to assist PhD students and postdocs with personal career development planning – including the private life. Unlike other existing career support tools, it does not evaluate researchers' skills and abilities, but focuses on a researcher's vision.

It is structured into four different assessment sections:

  • Future
  • Present
  • Past
  • Personal Journey Map