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Dual Career Service

Also partners of researchers need support. There are networks and special services for partners at Austrian universities and research institutions available:

• Five Styrian universities have set up a common network to create synergies for optimal use. Further information can be found at: Dual Career Service Styria - Carinthia

Dual Career Service Vienna - Lower Austria - Upper Austria supports dual career couples in Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria. Here you can find a video about the Dual Career Services Vienna - Lower Austria - Upper Austria.

• The main purpose of the Dual Career Service Support is the networking of member organisations from the research and scientific domain in the greater area of Vienna to improve the support for dual career couples. The target group for counselling are the partners of recent (or ongoing) senior research staff appointments of member organisations. This service takes place in close coordination with the Dual Career Service Vienna - Lower Austria - Upper Austria.

• IST (Institute for Science and Technology) Austria offers individualized job search information and assistance to spouses and partners of newly appointed scientists and employees.



Researchers' Career Grants

offered by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The funding comprises interview grants, relocation grants and dual career grants for researchers from abroad who want to start or continue their career in Austria.

Dual career grants support activities to integrate partners into the Austrian job market (career advice, language courses, trainings etc.).

Further information


Literature about Dual Career Service

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Karriere im Doppelpack (OeAD News, page 31, June 2018; in German only)

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Euraxess Austria is partner in the EU project EURAXESS TOP III "Making European research careers more attractive by developing new services and enhancing the current services of the EURAXESS network", Task "Career Management: The experienced researcher”.

A report about Dual Career Services in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Schwitzerland and The Netherlands will be ready by August 2018.