EU Award for Gender Equality Champions

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This new Prize scheme intends to advance inclusive gender equality plans and policies in the framework of the new ERA. It will complement and boost the requirement to have Gender Equality Plans (GEP) as an eligibility criterion for higher education and research organisations applying to Horizon Europe.

Applications to this first edition of the new EU Award for Gender Equality Champions are open to higher education establishments and research organisations from EU Member States and countries associated to Horizon Europe, until 13 October 2022.

There are three prize categories:

  1. Sustainable Gender Equality Champions: Organisations that can demonstrate a significant and sustained record of activity and a high level of achievement through the implementation of their GEP;
  2. Newcomer Gender Equality Champions: Organisations that have recently started implementing a GEP and can demonstrate the most progress in its implementation and achieved results;
  3. Inclusive Gender Equality Champions: Organisations that have developed the most innovative inclusive GEP addressing intersections with other social categories such as ethnicity, social origin, sexual orientation and gender identity (LGBTI+) or disability.

Candidates can only apply to one of these three categories. There will be in total 4 prizes awarded, with two winners for prize category one, one winner in the prize category two, and one winner in the last prize category. Each winner will be awarded with € 100,000.

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